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The Informal Group for Geothermic and Development

The Informal Group for Geothermal Energy and Environment (G.I.G.A) was established in 2007 as an organized group of researchers from universities, politics and enterprises, with the aim to achieve a sustainable use of an important resource such as the geothermy that, unlike from what is commonly known, when properly used and developed can be listed between the renewable energy sources (RES).

The G.I.G.A. founders are well-known among the international scientific community such as: Prof. Giuliano Gabbani, a renowned geophysicist and hydrogeologist; Prof. Enrico Pandeli, a geothermal geologist who has studied geothermal resources for many years helpin Italy, Europe and Africa developing and increasing their geotermal instalations; Prof. Claudio Margottini, awarded by Unesco for geology in 2006; Prof. Ugo Bardi, chemical and writer as well as leader of the Italian section of ASPO, the International Association for the Study of Peak Oil; the industrial ecologist and actual president Dr. Sauro Valentini; Fabio Roggiolani at the time chairman of the Health Committee of the Region of Tuscany; Prof. Fabio Polonara, government commissioner for biomass during the Prodi government; Prof. Pino De Natale and Prof. Claudia Troise of the Vesuvius Observatory... and many other we can’t mention for reason of space.

During its developing the Informal Group for Geothermal Energy and the Environment has extended its range of interest, extending the study of innovative and sustainable technologies applied to: waste treatment systems such as pyrolytic and cracking systems (known as molecular dissociation systems); the energy production, from non-food biomass such as micro-algae, jatropha, etc.., and to the "Zero Impact Plants" (ZIP platforms) in general.

centrale geotemrica guatemala 20 MW

In June of 2010, by unanimous decision of all its members, the Informal Group becomes a non-profit organization maintaining the name and assuming as objectives of their project clear research, the spread and promotion of ZIP platforms, with particular care to the growing geothermal technologies that, being of low environmental impact, do not give rise to anxiety or alarmism in the surrounding areas. Just a few years ago making such statement in Italy would have meant the rising of many doubts but, nowadays, at least teoretically it has become a real possibility also shared by the most conservative and old-industrials personalities.

In those countries, where geothermal energy have reached a significant importance for the satisfaction of energetic needs, this sector is normally considered as a possibility. In Italy, even though there was the first conversion system of geothermal energy into electrical energy, this recognition actually seems to be only teoretical into academias, this is because the conversions of existing plants are not profitable. So once again it's a matter of profit at the expense of human health and environment.

centrale geotermica mokai nuova zelanda 110 MW

Nevertheless, even in Italy, both scientists and industrials can’t deny that if the 20th century was the time of the invention of geothermal energy, the twenty-first century will be its evolution and application in peace with nature. The indictment to the government Berlusconi made by the President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi (for extending all ENEL geothermal concessions expiring in 2013, until 2024) has repaid back after many years of refusal. If we don’t invest in geothermal installation selling concessions against big energy companies monopoly, this sector will have no development and it’ll be unable to give benefits.

G.I.G.A. provides, in addition to publications and training materials developed by its members, documents and interviews about the great conference of March 15th, 2012 showing that, globally, over the past five years, geothermal energy has grown over the 35%, except Italy who did no improving; and moreover it was stated, without any contrary opinion, that the future of geothermal energy has to see the return of geothermal fluids into the aquifers of origin in order to respect and make this extraordinary resource absolutely renewable.

geotermia xxi secolo convegno

We also want to became a reference point, a clear canal of information through and for those who are really involved in the interest of protecting the environment, too often not considered in prevailing market and economic trends of big energy companies, not interested in renewable energies. This has produce general scepticism between committees for the use of renewable energy and not against the obsolete technology still used. Today, most environmental disputes are against renewable energies, NO to geothermal pollution and impact becomes a NO to all forms of geothermal energy, without considering that we need another choice instead of fossil or atomic energy, confirmed by impact over climate, health and economies.

G.IG.A. adheres to the States General of renewable energy and energy efficiency because the challenge is common, as common should be the commitment to exit from the era of fossil fuels whose dramatic effects on the climate, on human health and over the environment are more and more evident.

Always in complete agree with goals and values, G.I.G.A. adheres also to the Italian section of the International Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO), while in its operations, the association is involved in many national and international collaborations.

Thanks to the authority that distinguishes G.I.G.A. and its members, the association gets more and more involved in research projects and training arousing international interest.

Worth mentioning: Israeli experiences, the successful close relationships with CIRPS, the Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development in Rome University "La Sapienza" that also gave to some of our members the opporunity to become important partners for the Icare project and specialized trainers at Huazong Chinese University of Science and Technology (Wuhan University).

G.I.G.A. is and will be a free association, it will remain open and ready to accept and develop new contribution of ideas and commitment from the part of anyone who, despite his training, qualification and profession, agrees and wants to share the considerations and project that we have just tried to synthesize.

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